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By Janet Wildeboer (5/29/12)

From Summer 2012 Forum

Back in 1998, PWC/ME Susan Best made a quilt by hand. It is very large 11x17 foot with each of the squares sent to her by people that suffer with CFIDS/ME. The quilt won a prize at a county fair.

Now, in 2012, I will start working on a second quilt. I want to invite everyone to make squares 8x10 inches made on fabric. I would like your name as well as how long you have been sick with CFIDS/ME. You can do a fancy and sophisticated square or one with just hand written information. I had sent a square last time to add to the first quilt with a sport that I can no longer do.

Please sent a $1.00 contribution to cover the cost of the backing. I look forward to your special square to add on to the new awareness quilt. Send your name and information for the backing to: Janet Wildeboer, 5385 Effingham SW, Kentwood MI. 49508. If you have any questions about this project, you can get in touch with me at or 616-281-3088. Let's make every day Awareness Day for CFIDS/ME!

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