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Just Ask!
An NCF Column for Inquiring Patients

By Prof. Alan Cocchetto ©2013

From Spring 2013 Forum

The “Just Ask!” column is intended to act as a means for patients to inquire about issues related to the NCF’s research activities. This column is NOT intended to act as medical advice in any way, shape or form! The National CFIDS Foundation assumes no responsibilities for any action or treatment undertaken by readers. For medical advice, please consult your own personal healthcare providers.

Q: What lab tests best define the NCF's cohort of patients?

A: The NCF's patient cohort is defined by the following biomarkers:

  • Altered T-cell and B-cell population as defined by the lymphocyte profile (absolute and percentage) for CD3, CD4, CD8 and CD19 lymphocytes — $$
  • Kappa-lambda light chains — $$
  • Altered 2-5A synthetase/RNaseL and/or PKR
  • Abnormal STAT1 protein
  • HHV-6A positivity in some patients — $$
  • Altered red cell mass, red cell rheology, circulating blood volume, cerebral hypoperfusion, blood coagulation - $$/some availability
  • Ciguatera assay positivity
  • Anticardiolipin antibodies — $$
  • Internal radionuclide(s)
  • Genomic instability and chromosomal aberrations
  • C1-esterase inhibitor deficiency (angioedema) — $$
  • Immunoglobulin subclass deficiencies — $$

NOTE: $$ — Indicates commercial lab test readily available

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