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Dime a Day Drive

How much is it worth to you for us to be able to find the actual cause and subsequent treatment of ME/CFIDS? Most of us find that this illness robs of in every way possible of the lives we have had pre-illness and financially is far from the only realm where we see the affects. However, many find that they can afford just a DIME A DAY! Right now, the National CFIDS Foundation, Inc. has had to delay the start of what we feel may well be the most important research done in the area to date. We're asking all those who can to put aside just one dime a day to help us fund this research so that we will be that much closer to a real treatment.

     For those who can afford more, we certainly will never turn down a dollar a day or even dozens of dollars a day, but we find that our funds for research have continued to mount with just the percentage of each member's dues that goes toward research. If you can begin setting aside an amount now, it will shorten our delay to begin the most promising research ever attempted anywhere in the world in this field.

     Help us help you by seeing how quickly a DIME A DAY can speed up the future! To all those who continue to help via  by naming the National CFIDS Foundation when they shop online, thank you! To those who have ordered our notecards that explain what myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome is, you're both educating others as well as helping research.

     In advance, thank you to all those who help to find the answers that matter the most.   

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