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Learn From Us!
By Don Sanford

    The major determinate of health exists outside the treatment setting.  In
our daily lives, violence and the fear of it, poor interpersonal relations at
home and at work, food systems dependent on widespread use of poisonous
bad air, stressors of urban competition in a world of diminishing resources
--- these rob all of us of our health.  CFIDS patients are just early victims.
Don't think of CFIDS patients as "them."  We're all in the same boat.
Don't think of CFIDS patients as malcontents or malingerers.  We are an early
warning system about the ways in which modern life can adversely affect our
well being.  Listen to us.  Learn from us!

[Ed. Note: Don died in April of 2003 and this issue of The National Forum
is dedicated to his memory.  His obituary, appears on our Memorial

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