How did the BRAME (Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) campaign begin? Tanya Harrison was watching the 1995 Oscars ceremony on television and was annoyed that Tom Hanks had not worn his red ribbon. The following Sunday, Tanya read about all the other ribbons for causes that were in the United States in England' s The Sunday Times. Included was the blue ribbon for CFIDS (or M.E. as she called it!). Tanya called the largest charitable M.E. group in England who said they knew about the ribbon but didn't wish to get involved. Tanya said, "I knew how effective ribbons are in creating awareness and stimulating discussion through wearing a red AIDS ribbon, so I felt strongly that we should not let this opportunity pass." In 1995, "with a lot of help from Mum", Tanya launched the BRAME campaign. Today, BRAME is in contact with 18 countries from around the world!
     The goals of BRAME are to fund awareness campaigns with all excess funds going to research. The Blue Ribbon has now become universal. What began at the first AACFS conference held in Albany, NY, as a ribbon war, has now become a symbol of world-wide unity for CFIDS/ME. At the Albany conference, there were three ribbons brought by three different patient groups. People sported yellow, green, and blue ribbons on their lapels. The blue ribbons caught on and gained favor. But the ribbons would fade or wrinkle. To carry on this tradition brought to world-wide significance by a mother and daughter team, patient and caregiver, The National CFIDS Foundation uses the exact same design of the enameled royal blue pin trimmed in gold highlighting as that of BRAME. Our pins come directly from England and we hope to further greater awareness, support, and understanding. Wear your pin every day. Give one to your physician, your best friend, your pharmacist! All excess funds generated from our sale of pins will, in the true spirit of BRAME, go directly to fund much-needed research.Order yours today! 


  • Dr. Nancy Klimas brought BRAME enamel badges to Washington, D.C. when she spoke.
  • Jill Booth and Rosamund Vallings wore their BRAME pins when they appeared on national TV in New Zealand.
  • Ingrid Kiehl-Krau, BRAME coordinator in Germany writes a member of her group was asked, "Where is your Blue Ribbon. Without it you are not complete!"
  • Deirdre Pineo, from Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, wears her blue ribbon every day.
  • BRAME ribbon-wearer Julie Hewitt held a street collection in her town in Northern Ireland for BRAME.

  • There were few researchers wearing blue ribbons at the last AACFS meeting in California, but those who did were wearing the royal blue and gold BRAME pin!

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