Immunocomp Laboratory, Inc searches for answers with immune modulation
by Drew Martin

Immunocomp Laboratory, Inc has been doing some therapies with a subset of CFIDS patients that do not have t cell hyperacitvity. They are treating patients with very low doses of 2 natural immune system modulators called interleukin-2 [IL-2] and granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor [GM-CSF]. The theory is that these immunemodulators will help to bring your immune system into a healthy state and by doing so will improve clinical symptoms associated with CFIDS. Immunocomp uses a technology that was developed by James McCoy Ph.D., who has published on the immunomodulatory properties of DHEA in CFIDS patients. Immunocomp uses techonology called lymphocyte drug sensitivity testing (LDST), which measures the effects of various amounts of particular drugs, such as IL-2 and GM-CSF, on the competency of the patients' immune cells. Interestingly they have found that DHEA does not always stimulate lymphocytes and occasionally can cause lymphocyte suppression. With the LDST it is possible to determine if various doses of a drug will cause immune suppression/activation and can predict the best therapeutic doses of the immune-modulating drugs. 

In their study, of twenty-three (23) patients that have undergone the therapy of IL-2 and GM-CSF, fifteen (65%) have had significant reduction in clinical symptoms. This included improvement in energy levels, sleep patterns, and reduced joint and muscle aches and pains. Four of these patients (18% ) have exhibited almost total clinical remission, however eight (35%) patients experienced little or no response. Approximately 9% of patients exhibited mild symptoms of fatigue, muscle aches and mild nausea for a few days following treatment. While this therapy is only for a subset of PWC's, it appears to be an effective, promising therapy. 

[note: For additional information contact Immunocomp Labs in Atlanta Ga at (770) 474-4422. Immunocomp is a Laboratory and clinic speacializing in CFIDS, Cancer and other immune illnesses. Dr. Bergeron is the staff doctor while Dr. McCoy runs the lab.] 

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