Institute for Viral Pathogenesis Still on Track!
By Gail Kansky

     Drs. Konstance Knox and Donald Carrigan are no longer working with ViraCor Biotechnologies and have had no involvement in the changes of the ViraCor website over the past several months.  They are now committing their time and energies exclusively to the research projects of the Institute for Viral Pathogenesis (IVP).  A new website for IVP has been established at and has already grown over the past two months since The National CFIDS Foundation, Inc. announced this on the internet. 

Our fall issue of The National Forum gave our  recommendation for a laboratory that tests for HHV6 for any patients.  Commonwealth Laboratories can be reached by physicians at 1-800-735-9224.  Since this testing may be still considered experimental, patients may want to check with their insurance carriers for coverage of the test.

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