Ciguatera Testing —
Protocol for Blood Sample Submission

University of Hawaii Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology

Blood sample requirements and protocol for sample submission


Please include a laboratory testing fee of $100 USD for each CFS test sample mailed for testing. Checks can be made out to "RCUH 1977" (Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii, acct# 1977).

Blood Sample:

  1. Draw 5 ml in a Tiger Top or Plain Red tube.
  2. Spin blood, remove serum from tubes and place in a new, clean tube (at least 2 ml of serum is required for testing purposes).
  3. Fully seal tube and label with the patient's name, contact information and date. Keep serum cold (do not freeze). See shipping requirements below.


  1. Tube should be placed in a sturdy container and packaged to PREVENT BREAKAGE. Pack with some form of coolant (i.e. ice pack, gel pack) and reinforce with packing material. Seal package, place in shipping box.
  2. Label package including complete physician's name, address, phone/fax numbers, email address (if available), along with the patient's name, age, sex, and mailing address. Please check the 'No Signature Required' box in Section 8 of the FedEx airbill.
  3. Ship overnight priority via FedEx to:
    Dr. Yoshitsugi Hokama/Dr. Harry Davis
    University of Hawaii at Manoa, JABSOM
    Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology
    1960 East-West Rd., Biomedical Bldg. T-606
    Honolulu, HI, 96822
    Office (808) 956-7178
  4. Shipping and packing charges to be paid for by patient.


The patient's physician will be contacted regarding the test results. Only the physician is authorized to call the laboratory for further information regarding the test result. Thank you for your understanding.

Updated on September 25, 2009