The National CFIDS Foundation was created to help fund research and provide a variety of services for those afflicted with CFIDS/ME and related disorders. Whether you are a CFIDS/ME patient or are interested in learning more about these disabling illnesses, the National CFIDS Foundation can provide you with various types of information. The leaders of the National CFIDS Foundation have close ties to many people of the CFIDS/ME community and thereby can provide insight into many current issues that can affect us all.

The National CFIDS Foundation's dues are $10/year. (Waivers are available upon request*, see below.) Members receive two newsletters a year, edited by Gail Kansky, former president of the Massachusetts CFIDS Association and previous editor of the Mass. CFIDS Update. The newsletter Includes:

  • submissions from researchers, clinicians, and patients
  • medical journal summaries
  • news from the research community
  • reports of presentations by well-known medical speakers
  • summaries of CFIDS/ME related lectures
  • a regularly featured column by medical advisor Alan Cochetto
  • a column on disability issues by Attorney Bernard Kansky

Membership Levels
Individual Member (USA) $10  
Individual Member (Canada) $15  
Individual Member (International) $25  
Supporter $15  
Sponsor $20  
Patron $50  
Benefactor $100+  

The National CFIDS Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. (You can print a copy of your PayPal transaction for an immediate receipt.)

If you prefer to become member offline, you can print out and fill in this application form and send it with your tax-deductible check to the National CFIDS Foundation to become a member.

*The NCF is happy to waive membership fees for those who cannot afford membership (no proof is required for patients). To request membership with a fee waiver, email us your name, address, and phone number to

The National CFIDS Foundation is a unique organization. It is patient oriented and consists of all volunteers. The Foundation works in conjunction with other organizations whenever possible to support CFIDS/ME/CFS, FMS, GWI, MCS and other related disorders.

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