CFIDS/ME Documents of Interest

2010 — The Use of Alpha-1-Antitrypsin for the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Dr. Ana Garcia Quintana and Dr. Jose Alegre Martin and their use of alpha-1-antitrypsin to antagonize the effects of elastase thus restoring RNaseL function in CFS patients. (PDF file)

2002 — Food Safety and Ciguatera
Dr. Douglas Park — Louisiana Agriculture
Scientists develop rapid, user-friendly test kit for marine toxins (PDF file)

1994 — Red Tides, MarineToxins and Ciguatera
Donald M. Anderson
Many experts believe these blooms of toxic algae have recently become more prevalent, posing a greater threat to human and marine health

2002 — SIRA Technologies 2002 website
Possible Link Between Ciguatera Fish Poisoning and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1994 — The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Comprehensive Approach to its Definition and Study
Keiji Fukuda et al.

1988 — Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Working Case Definition
Holmes et al.

2004 — PNI microarray and uses
Ainsley Nicolson, Suzanne Vernon; DHHS/CDC; WO2004/108899. Psychoneuroendocrinimmune microarrays in CFIDS.

2004 — The integration of gene expression data and non-gene data
Suzanne Vernon, Amarenda Yavatkar, Elizabeth Unger,William Reeves, Dan Bui, Stanley Lucas; DHHS/CDC, SRI Intl; WO2004/050840. Analyzing integrated data in CFIDS.

2003 — Methods for diagnosis and treatment of chronic immune diseases
Marc Fremont, Patrick Englebienne, C.V. Taylor Herst;US2003/0077674. Stat1-1 protein alterations in CFIDS.

2002 — A novel virus (Cryptovirus) within the rubulavirus genus and uses therefor
Cryptic Afflictions LLC; WO02/077211. Dr. Steven Robbins' discovery on new parainfluenza virus in CFIDS, MS and epilepsy.

1998 — Human virus associated with chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome and assay therefore
Sidney Grossberg, Vladimir Kushnaryof, L. William Cashdollar, Donald Carrigan, Konstance Knox; Medical College of Wisconsin; US5,827,750. Detection of a neuromyasthenia virus indicative of CFIDS.

1993 — Rapid extraction of ciguatoxin from contaminated tissues
Douglas Park, Pedro Gamboa; Hawaii Chemtect; WO/1993/022672. Method for the extraction of ciguatoxin from the tissues of CFIDS patients.

1992 — Stealth virus detection in the chronic fatigue syndrome
William John Martin; WO92/20787. Dr. Martin's discovery of ciguatera-like toxin in CFIDS.

1992 — Method and compositions for diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue immunodysfunction syndrome
Elaine DeFreitas, Brendan Hilliard; Wistar Institute; WO92/05760. Diagnosis and treatment of CFIDS based on presence of a novel CFIDS-associated virus (CAV)