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By Gail Kansky

Winter 2014-2015

I’ve learned that if one ignores the facts proven, the facts remain unchanged. Life is, indeed, so unfair to the many hundreds, thousands and millions who have done nothing wrong yet suffer daily. Their suffering slowly progresses and it seems endless and too often seems like the “gift that keeps giving.”

To make sure that the numerous scientists were correct when they pointed to radiation as the cause of CFIDS/ME, the Board of the National CFIDS Foundation, Inc., decided to have their entire cohort tested. Our cohort of patients includes both genders of all ages with some of the patients having fairly mild cases while others have severe cases of CFIDS/ME. They have given us their blood as well as their urine for various tests through the years. Indeed, some of them are now on our Memorial List when the illness was far more progressive than was research. And, yes, every one of them was found to be positive to radiation using the same laboratory that our own federal government uses for testing radiation.

It seems that pollution, not disease, is turning out to be the largest murderer in today’s world. Richard Fuller is the president of Pure Earth/ Blacksmith Institute and the group that prepared an analysis for The Global Alliance of Health and Pollution. There is a growing body of careful research that is revealing a huge number of illnesses caused by pollution from various toxic chemicals. Since we announced the cause a few years ago, it has not been ridiculed nor even mentioned in a whisper by anyone to this very day. Evidently, actually resolving an illness is not what is wanted by far too many in this world.

We already knew that whatever was causing this was “not from nature” as that was published when fully replicated in the early 2000’s (Hokama et al). That eliminates all viruses in spite of the fact that, when the NCF was first created, so many were sure it was virally causative including myself. But we were wrong. Scientific fact has proven this.

Why, we’ve questioned, won’t the International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (IACFS) share all new research? Why would their Primer even question if this illness was neurological after all the science that has proven that? Why would they ignore the anesthesia information that could actually save a patient’s life? It seems that their silence about facts continue to be most profitable as well as politically beneficial. As just one small example of that, patients can check our National Institutes of Health website to find out how many times the IACFS’s president, psychologist Fred Friedberg, has had NIH grants approved for thousands and thousands of dollars.

Are we satisfied at how far we’ve come? If we were, we’d have already shut down! We opened up a Pandora’s Box so, to deal with that, this charity has funded work to prove the cause, once again, so that all future research should be on treatment. We’re not about to give up until a real treatment has been discovered. To be effective, any treatment being considered must be based upon the cause. A treatment is only possible when one has been able to link all the previous research already proven together and test it on the actual causative problem. Our volunteers, thankfully, continue on. A huge thank you to every one of them! Major thanks go to our medical director, Al, along with our entire medical committee who, although all victims themselves, remain determined to end this suffering. To our webmaster, Hugh, and to Pam, Bob, Helen, Mike and all those listed as “Essential Volunteers” and “Staff” who volunteer so much of their time, every one of you remains appreciated beyond words.

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