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By Gail Kansky

Winter 2018-2019

In the winter edition of The National Forum, Volume 2, Number 9 that was published in 1998, I was quoted: “The goal of the NCF’s existence is to no longer have a reason to exist.” We never thought it would take this long but we believe that we are actually, and finally, only about two years from our goal! We know the exact cause of CFIDS/ME is low level radiation and we understand that eliminating the cause is not possible. However, as our Medical Director has explained and told us, the exact place of the daily damage being done on a daily basis has been found by the wonderful researcher, Dr. Carmel Mothersill, and she and her research team as well as a second researcher and his team have been funded by the NCF to find out what will effectively block this on a daily basis.

Our medical committee have already made it clear that when this CFIDS/ME miracle is found, only about 1% of the world’s patient population will understand and embrace this wonder of health knowledge as that is what medical history has proven to us again and again for decades. Big Pharma, of course, will immediately work to synthesize whatever is found that helps those with CFIDS/ME and begin years of trials but we will have at least a decade where we can look forward to before one of the big pharmacies comes out with an expensive pill form of what is found to effective.

While the NIH is being hailed for looking for a viral cause of CFIDS/ME, our charity funded viral experts decades ago who, after very careful work, said it definitely was not virally caused. While other groups hail their work as exciting, we already have found the answer and know that it is a waste of time and money by those that should certainly know better by looking at medical journal articles or even reading books on this disease that were written after those facts were discovered.

The former CFIDS Association of America (CAA) moved their offices and changed their name to Solve ME/CFS Initiative just after our own government began calling this illness ME/CFS. By using ME in the name, the government hoped to pacify the patient community. It was actually our own government who originally had a committee they formed to change the name of ME in this country. Any committee members who did not want to change the title of ME to the trivializing name of chronic fatigue syndrome were told to either agree or to leave the committee and not get their names on a medical journal article that would announce the change. Indeed, as most of us know, there were a few who did leave. They are still thought of as heroic by the NCF.

The newly named “Solve” group, of course, does not mention that several scientists from Chernobyl were the first that announced the cause of our disease was radiation. Indeed, the fact was published in the Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by one of the scientists decades ago. That particular medical journal no longer exists. The publisher and owner was paid a hefty sum of money to “sell” it and it has never been seen again. “Solve”, of course, along with our own government, never mention radiation at all despite the results having been recently replicated and published in an international medical journal that is highly respected. Their newest venture has been announced as writing a letter along with a few other ME groups to the federal House of Representatives because they want a new group to replace the old CFSAC (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee) that was taken out of existence less than a year ago by our own government. Despite all the excellent requests made by the prior committee that existed for many decades, none were enacted nor was any reason given when it was shut down. Therefore, it seems a bit strange to think that a new federal committee’s suggestions would be handled any differently especially since the other groups requesting it ignore the science concerning the disease that has been so recently fully replicated and published giving the cause of low-level radiation.

Our own national group was just a bit skeptical of the radiation cause years ago. Our board of directors decided to have our entire cohort tested for radiation by a leading laboratory that also does the testing for our federal government. Indeed, as we’ve reported previously, all were positive and those who were more severe had higher alpha particles show up on their test results. The NCF does not want another federal group. We’re now looking forward to a treatment to complete our goal and be able to shut down our charity and actually enjoy our lives quite a bit more by taking the treatment ourselves!

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