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By Gail Kansky

Winter 2019-2020

The researchers from Chernobyl were absolutely correct when they announced that "CFS" was caused by radiation. They had their work published in a medical journal that our government seemed to bury quite quickly although not fast enough for a few, including me, to get a reprint of the article. Indeed, the entire medical journal where it had been published also went out of existence with no explanation given. Our government has continued to help out nuclear plants and the radiation that gets into the waste. Radioactive dust can also get into the air and, as Beyond Nuclear announced, "blow in the wind". Their magazine, Beyond Nuclear International, reported that "Yet another dangerously bad high-level radioactive Waste bill has been introduced on Capitol Hill - S.1234, the Nuclear Waste Administration Act. In short, it would speed the opening of the scientifically unsuitable, environmentally unjust, illegal, non-consent-based Yucca Mountain dump on Western Shoshone Indian land in Nevada. It would also authorize the U.S. Department of Energy to take ownership of commercial irradiated nuclear storage facility" in two states. If the bill passes, it would allow the transportation or radiation waste to be shipped by rail, roads and water via most states for decades.

The guarantee that radiation will continue forever has been made by both Chemobyl's and Fukushima's disasters. People are now visiting Chernobyl to take a tour of the plant and if they went to the nearby forests, they would view the trees there that are so severely affected that even their trunks are warped and bent. The accident happened in April of 1986 when the reactor number 4 exploded and blew off the huge concrete lid that sent massive amounts of steam into the air.

In news about Fukushima, health experts were demanding that the International Olympic Committee take the torch relay out of that area but the summer Olympics of 2020 are still scheduled to be in Tokyo which is just 150 miles away from the triple meltdown that happened in 2011. One area in Fukushima will host part of the Olympics. The National Academy of Sciences has been outspoken that there is no safe level or dose of radiation. Just a few months ago, Japan's Olympic Committee President Tsunekazu Takeda resigned, as a two year investigation in France continues to investigate how he oversaw payments made for the 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan. This was reported in the New York Times and by National Public Radio.

Since our entire cohort tested positive for radiation a few years ago, the NCF has no doubt that the cause of our illness will continue for decades to come since there is no cure for radiation. We hope and pray there will be a treatment discovered and we can shut down this charity after letting all know and keeping up our website with the news as long as possible. While most charities pay their employees and spend money on galas and other things, our all volunteer charity only wants to have a good reason to shut down as we, too, are all victims of low dose radiation.

One famous physician who has hailed our charity for exposing the cause of our disease, Dr. Helen Caldicott, was recently the recipient of the Physicians for Social Responsibility's Life-time Achievement Award for being very vocal about nuclear weapons and nuclear plants being a hazard to so many people who get sick with various illnesses including CFIDS/ME. She said, "I see little if any movement by the body politic to remedy these extraordinarily dangerous issues that presently confront the human race, let alone all other species. As Thomas Jefferson said, ĎAn informed democracy will behave in a responsible fashion.'"

The Harvard ME/CFS Collaboration that is composed of faculty from top Massachusetts hospitals as well as Stanford and Cornell Universities, top universities from England and Sweden as well as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, states they are "committed to the higher understanding and discovery of new treatments for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome". Meanwhile, Dr. Carmel Mothersill and her team that we have highly funded is looking for treatments on how to block the source of disease since she found the exact place where the daily damage we endure happens. While Dr. Mothersill has published many of her discoveries, it seems those in the above mentioned Collaboration should read and learn a bit more information from published medical journals before wasting more money and time. This Harvard Collaboration seems oblivious to the fact that the last remaining nuclear plant in their own state, which is no longer working, is now exempt from emergency requirements by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A senator from the state, US Senator Edward Markey, said the federal decision takes away important protections needed for people who live near the site. Interestingly, when the plant has their disaster, it was owned by the same company that built Fukushima, the Entergy Corporation. They just sold it to another decommissioning company this year (2019).

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