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By Gail Kansky

Summer 2021

In late February of this year, Japan’s Governor Masao Ucibori said at a press briefing about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, “We’re still just very near the starting line.” The owner of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), thinks it will be roughly 30 more years to remove the fuel debris, dispose of the contaminated cooling water and disassemble the four reactors after the meltdowns and explosions from the earthquake followed by a tsunami less than an hour later. Escaping from the reactors was radioactive steam and hydrogen that accumulated in three of the buildings and exploded. Wall panels and roofs exploded. The contaminated radioactive water has already filled more than 1000 tanks that occupy nearly every available space of the nuclear campus. Japan intends to slowly release this water into the ocean and atmosphere which neighboring nations oppose along with the fishing industry and various environmental groups. However, Japan will run out of room to store the water by the summer of 2022.

Sand blew into Europe from the Sahara in February and scientists said that sand contained radioactive pollution from tests done in the 1960’s! A large area of France was affected, and the sky turned orange just as the snow on the ground did as well! From 1945 through 1980, there were 520 nuclear tests carried out by the United States, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and China.

When the National CFIDS Foundation tested its cohort of dozens of CFIDS/ME patients years ago, every single one of them showed up positive for low-dose radiation. In fact, you could tell how much worse some were just by looking at the test results. The worst one, a patient of Dr. Anthony Komaroff, already had cancer. Yes, CFIDS/ME is caused by low-level radiation and slowly works its way toward cancer.

In March of this year, two former prime ministers in Japan urged their country to stop using nuclear power and invest in renewable energy. While they were in office, they were both proponents of nuclear power, but the horrors of the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown had them change their minds.

Our own United States has 94 atomic power stations. One of the nuclear power plants in southern Texas that contributed to the collapse of the grid was due to frozen water pumps. It was not winterized to save money, but all steam turbines should be winterized. Dr. Bernard Lown and his family escaped from Lithuania during the Holocaust with his family when he was a child and grew up in Maine. He co-founded the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War with his Russian friend, Yevgeny Chazov. That won Dr. Lown and his friend the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize. “Bernie” died this past February at age 99. His work has saved countless lives. The month before he died, however, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the United States began to try to extend the operating licenses of their power stations to 100 years. That will mean many more generations of people suffering from CFIDS/ME as well as other illnesses that refuse to expose their cause. After all, our own Department of Defense (DoD) could not find any other charity led by an all-volunteer group that receive no monetary salaries or other compensation. Although no country wants to admit the cause of this worldwide plague called ME/CFS, CFIDS and post-viral fatigue syndrome, there is a lot of scientific proof behind the illness and its low-dose radiation cause that was first announced by the Chernobyl researchers a long time ago. Indeed, over half of their liquidators ended up with ME/CFIDS. Fukushima has merely added to this horror.

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