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By Gail Kansky

Winter 2020-2021

HELP! Seriously, we want to shut down! Why? Because we’re nearly there and want to finish up. No other charity would be as anxious to shut down as we are. Every other charity spends massive amounts of money for salaries. We spend zero! We’re all patients and have been following the scientists of Chernobyl for years. We know they’re right about the cause being radiation because we made sure our entire cohort was tested for radiation a decade ago. All were positive and even our severity – mild, moderate, and severe – showed up on alpha-waves. But we want to finish and actually have a simple treatment in order to feel great again. We only need one thing for that: money! If you ever wanted to send us some money to help us out, now is the time! We’re in the home stretch of our work and want to finish. Like you, we want to have a normal life without the pain, without the fatigue, without all the horrible things that have come our way with CFIDS/ME. And we can have that if we only had enough money to pay for the research that we know will point it out. It won’t end up to be a costly drug from the pharmacy because the pharmaceuticals will have to find out what to use and then go through three trials! We need money to pay for just one clinical trial for a simple fix years before Big Pharma finds out and can put it into a costly pill. We want CFIDS/ME to be something we once had. We will remember the life we had and enjoy our freedom from horrible symptoms even more. But we desperately need money to get there. If you are only able to send a small donation, many of those will add up and we’ll be able to put this horror we live with behind us and begin living a new life along with you. Therapeutics are on the horizon. We’re on the home stretch of our journey. Help us end it for yourself and for all of us. Help us reach the time to shut down because our work is finished and you get to enjoy the rewards along with us! Our last issue of the Forum is on the horizon. We just need the money to see it end. If you can afford to donate, now is the time! Help us get there so we can celebrate together. Please understand that your generosity will have an enormous impact for you and for us. If you’d like your donation to be anonymous, just let us know with your donation.

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